See what users and caregivers are saying about this revolutionary self toileting wheelchair. 

Helping Tom After His Stroke

Staying Home with MS

"I have a dear friend that has MS. She has the opportunity to stay home. I believe the chair has helped a lot with that because transferring had become difficult prior to the chair. There were two people needed, and now since the chair, which is about 6-7 months ago, she can actually go down the hall, go to the bathroom, and back the chair up. Her husband has had more freedom, without having to figure out a time in the day when he needs to be away from home. He knows that she can be at home and do that on her own, and without a doubt she has much more flexibility, and so does he. The hygiene really isn’t a problem, because of the chair and how you can clean it. To see that smile on her face and after she comes out of the bathroom--until you’re there and realize what the patient goes through or the resident, and see what it does for their own dignity, I think that is what this is all about too.” - Barbara Peterson

Preventing the Nursing Home

“My grandma had a stroke and if we could have had a chair at that time we could have took her home with one person. But we needed two people, so at that time there wasn’t enough family, so she ended up going into the nursing home. “ - Kim RN Skilled Care Facility

Staying Home and Saving Time

“For me it cuts out, one, getting up to go to a walker, getting off the walker and getting onto a stool, getting up from the stool and onto the walker. It saves me two ups and downs. So when you have problems getting up and down it is a real benefit. ” Kermit, Dignity User

Less Waiting, More Living! 

“The residents benefit because they don’t have to wait. Because when you get older, your bladder doesn’t work as well as when you’re younger, and if you have to go, you don’t have time to wait that long.” - Kathy CNA Skilled Care Facility

See our Common Questions page to learn more and answers some of your questions about our toileting wheelchair. Order the Dignity® AllDay 400 here.