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How it Works


The Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair is a manual fixed-frame wheelchair designed for all-day use with an amazing feature — it has a lever-controlled drop-seat system that allows the user to back over and use a toilet without ever needing to do a transfer.

Our chair easily fits over standard toilets. The result is a safer toileting process that provides greater user independence.


How it Works 

Prior to use, the Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair should be adjusted to accommodate the height of frequently used toilets. The wheelchair must also have a clear path to the toilet so all potential permanent and other obstacles must be considered.*

Step 1

On your own or with help, reverse your Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair into the restroom. If the space is narrow, you can remove the leg rests to provide additional room.

Step 2

dignity drop seat

After accessing and reversing, remove any garments to use the toilet. There are a few options to help assist you:

        1. Side to side movement to repositioning clothing
        2. Split back clothing
        3. Caregiver’s help

Once clothing is situated, simply move the lever to the 12 o’clock vertical position to drop the seat.

Step 3

moving chair over toilet

After all other steps are completed, roll the Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair backward until it is over the toilet and the chair touches the toilet tank.

This will ensure that you are properly positioned and can lock the chair using the brake without the need of a caregiver present.

Once the toileting process is completed, disengage the brake and move forward until you are clear of the toilet or other obstacles, restore the drop seat lever to a horizontal position and reposition your clothes.

*As with any wheelchair, you must read and understand all the information provided within the product manual prior to actual use.



If the average person uses the restroom 6-7 times per day. Using a
Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair can save over 2000 toilet transfers annually!


comfort alldayOur memory foam cushions are designed for maximum comfort during long periods of use. These 2-1/2" thick cushions are covered with medical quality vinyl, these cushions are durable and easy to clean with mild soap and water or a disinfectant solution.

Note: It is recommended that wheelchair users work with a seating specialist prior to using a new wheelchair. Also, memory foam cushioning can also help minimize the development of pressure sores.

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Another superior innovation of the Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair is the TruGlides™ Caster System with patented anti-shock technology.

The TruGlides™ Casters System reduces wheel “flutter” to provide greater chair stability and safety. Additionally, the system helps keep casters aligned and reduces drag for better maneuverability, on even or uneven surfaces.

The Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair exceeds the ISO 7176-8 requirements and test methods for static, impact, and fatigue strength. The results are directly related to structural stability in chair design and wheel performance.



Easy to Clean

The Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair is designed to stay clean during use but should be inspected for cleanliness, especially after toileting.

The metal components can be cleaned using standard detergent or dish soap and wiped dry to prevent discoloration and streaking.

Vinyl upholstery should be cleaned with mild soap and water, or a disinfectant solution. If necessary, the seat cushions are removable and made from medical grade, antibacterial products.

*Pay special attention to the underside of the seat, both drop down portion and metal seat support. Make sure any traces of waste or dirt are removed. Review product manual for complete cleaning instructions and options. Note in a Good Samaritan Society study with several users that clinical nursing assistants determined the chair typically remained clean throughout the day and was only cleaned in the evening due to its use in a healthcare setting.


Maintenance and Care

  1. Fasteners can come loose if not properly tightened. If you hear or see loose parts, tighten them prior to use. Periodically check fasteners to make sure they are tight. Do not over-tighten fasteners. Replace missing or worn fasteners with approved parts only. Brakes should be inspected often and must be readjusted any time the chair height is changed.
  2. Brakes should be inspected often. Refer to your Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair product manual for loosening and tightening information. First, inspect the wheels for proper tire pressure, replace worn or cracked wheels. Brake pipes should be positioned with the blade of the break forms an indentation into the tire of at least ⅛ inch when in locked position. If you need to tighten your brakes and cannot do so, this could mean it is time to replace them. Remember, wheelchair brakes are not designed to slow a wheelchair down when it is moving (instead, use your hands and apply pressure to the push rim to slow down a moving wheelchair.
  3. Check your chair often for dirt and debris. The metal components can be cleaned using standard detergent. Please wipe dry to prevent discoloration and streaking. Vinyl upholstery should be cleaned with mild soap and water, or a disinfectant solution. Cushions and fabrics are removable and made from medical grade, antibacterial products.
  4. Both caregivers AND wheelchair users should thoroughly review the Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair product manual for additional inspecting, use and maintenance information.