Why You Should Consider a Self-Toileting Wheelchair

why you should consider a self-toileting wheelchairWe have friends and family that have been wheelchair-bound for various reasons. Help keep them safe and respect their independence. For many years, it has been a topic of conversation on how to provide people with disabilities the same respect and independence we take for granted every day. Don't worry; with updates in technology and understanding those needs, we have a solution. Below are four reasons for a Self-Toileting Wheelchair.

Reduce or Eliminate the need for toilet transfers 

Wheelchair Transfers are dangerous. Not only for the wheelchair user but also the caregiver, and falls are a huge reason for moves to nursing homes and declines in overall health. Since toilet transfers can cause pain and injury for both the caregiver and the wheelchair occupant, why not eliminate them? Using a self toileting wheelchair ensures a safer option for toilet transfers. The wheelchair occupant can drop the seat on the wheelchair and back up safely over the toilet with zero lifting or minimal assistance (with clothing or cleanup).

Keeping Independence

Keeping independence and privacy are essential for anyone. Having a self toilet wheelchair can allow the wheelchair user to have and keep the independence they desire. In addition, being able to toilet in solitude is important to anyone, especially for a wheelchair user. The Dignity® AllDay 400 allows for users to stay in their homes longer and avoid skilled care, nursing homes, and assisted living. 

Save Money

Consider this, the average cost of in-home care in the United States is $4,290 per month. This is just the tip of the bucket when it comes to skilled care, nursing homes, and assisted living costs. The Dignity® chair provides an extremely safe option for toileting and can pay for itself in less than a month of use and ownership. On top of that, this can be your main wheelchair, for use all day, every day.

Dignity® All Day 400. 

This ALLDay wheelchair is beautifully constructed with safety and independence in mind, designed with a drop seat to position the seat up or down. The drop seat allows the user to reverse over standard toilets and toilet in privacy. This wheelchair can also help reduce nursing homes costs by allowing the wheelchair user to stay in the home longer.

If you are searching for alternatives in wheelchair use or want to keep loved ones in the home longer, please consider the Dignity® All Day 400.