The Toileting Wheelchair: Common Questions and Answers

self toileting wheelchair common questions

We realize the idea of a self-toileting wheelchair is new to most. Almost immediately, most people have questions about our product. We've assembled this list of clarifications and answers to customers' most common questions about the Dignity® AllDay 400 wheelchair. 


How It Works 

It's a simple solution, but we understand you might have questions. The wheelchair was designed to back over a standard toilet. Before backing the chair, a lever release lowers a key-shaped center portion of the wheelchair's seat. The user can then adjust clothing and simply back over the toilet and toilet like normal. Quick, no transfer with little or no assistance needed. Watch this video to see it in action. 

What is the best method for positioning/manipulating your clothing into a position that allows toileting?

How do you get your clothes off? Most people question this process, and we get it. Here is how it works for most users. Users typically find the best method for lowering their pants and underwear within a few days of use. Transferring weight side to side using the solid armrests for support works great with a bit of practice. The smooth vinyl cushions also help for easy sliding of clothing.

To aid the process, some users opt for easier-to-remove garments, such as sweatpants, skirts, or dresses, Specialized garments with velcro openings are also available for purchase. 

When users need assistance, the caregiver's job is easy. No lifting is required and simply supporting the user with the rocking method is highly efficient. 


"Doesn't the seat get filthy? I mean, users are toileting through it?"

This was undoubtedly a big concern when designing and developing the wheelchair. It wouldn't be much better than a pair of adult diapers if the chair were dirty after each use. 

In reality, users' experience of toileting with the Dignity® AllDay 400 is the same as using the toilet without a wheelchair. The wheelchair typically doesn't get wet or soiled during use.  

Of course, this isn't always the case; if things get messy, rest assured our medical-grade vinyl cushions clean easily with soap and water. 



"Why is this so much more expensive than a normal wheelchair?" 

Our wheelchair is indeed a more significant investment than a standard wheelchair, but our wheelchair isn't a standard wheelchair; it's so much more. 

The freedom and independence of our wheelchair also provide savings for the user on many levels. Not to mention the added safety and confidence our wheelchair offers the users. This is not a single use wheelchair, it is designed for ALL DAY use and can be your primary wheelchair. 

The wheelchair can pay for itself with the ability to avoid or delay moving to an assisted living home. The average monthly cost of assisted living in the United States is $4,500. 

The Dignity® AllDay 400 may be eligible for Medicare and/or insurance reimbursement. Lower your out-of-pocket costs; contact us for details. 


Contact us with your questions. We're available by phone or by email. Reach out today with your questions. We look forward to sharing more about our self-toileting wheelchair.