Save Your Marriage & Your Spouse’s Back with a Self Toileting Wheelchair

save your back from toilet transfers

Do you wish your partner could use the "facilities" on their own? Does your back hurt from transferring your partner to the toilet and back? Are you sick of the hassle of coordinating schedules with bathroom breaks? 

Now introducing a lifesaver in the wheelchair industry. It's the Dignity® AllDay 400

This wheelchair is a manual fixed-frame wheelchair designed for all-day use. It allows your partner to move freely about, without the need for transfers during bathroom breaks. As part of the fixed-frame, there is a lever-controlled drop-seat system that allows your partner to back the wheelchair over the toilet without the need of a transfer.

Use the lever found on your self toileting wheelchair, and drop the seat. Then back the wheelchair over the toilet. Once toileting is finished, you can roll the wheelchair away from the toilet and adjust the lever to replace the seat. 

The Dignity® AllDay 400 is designed with memory foam cushions for all-day comfort. The cushions are 2 ½ inch thick cushions covered with medical quality vinyl, which makes them durable and easy to clean. With dual-layer memory foam cushioning, it can help with minimizing the development of pressure sores.

Last but not least are the patented TruGlides™ Caster System, with anti-shock technology. These wheels help to reduce the wheel flutter and provides greater stability and safety. Additionally, the system helps keep casters aligned and reduces drag for better maneuverability.

If you or your partner are in need of some independence and back-saving equipment, consider the Dignity® AllDay 400. With the service you need and the freedom guaranteed.