How to Manage a Nursing Home with Less Staff

how to manage nursing home with less staff

Staff shortages can be a real pain for companies and industries alike, but especially for those in care facilities. Being short-staffed could mean longer hours and potentially more injuries for both the staff and patients. A new innovative wheelchair can help with those reduced staffing shortages, and that is a self-toileting wheelchair. Below are a few reasons why you should consider a self-toileting wheelchair in your facility.

A Wheelchair That Saves time and staff hours. 

We know it can take quite a bit of time and staff to help patients with toilet transfers. Using heavy equipment and manpower to help a patient safely on a toilet can take time. Time the patient doesn't have if you want to avoid incontinence. A self toileting wheelchair can help with those tedious transfers. One product is the Dignity® AllDay 400. With its patented technology, this wheelchair can help reduce needed staff for toileting assistance and helps develop independence for the patient as well. A lever can drop the center portion of the seat, allowing the wheelchair to be backed up over the toilet. Once toileting is complete, you can easily roll the wheelchair away from the toilet, and the seat can be repositioned with the same lever.

Save Wage Costs

By employing a self-toileting wheelchair, you can help reduce the cost of needed staff. Instead of two possible three (depending on the patient) staff members, you can assist the patient to the toilet with one caretaker. Again, the Dignity® AllDay 400 with one simple lever makes this a one-person task. We see this as a win-win, your bottom line wins, and the patient's level of care is elevated. The staff has more freedom to manage more patients, and it gives the patients more dignity and independence. 

If your institution is looking for updated equipment for your patients, consider the Dignity® AllDay 400. With the service you need and the freedom guaranteed.