5 Ways to Use a Self-Toileting Wheelchair

how to use a self-toileting wheelchairA new self-toileting wheelchair can come with a new learning curve. Majestic Medical is here to provide you with the help and guidance to adjust to a self-toilet wheelchair. There are many benefits to this type of wheelchair: eliminating the need to transfer on and off the toilet, cost savings by providing longer at-home care, and the ability to gain/maintain independence. Below are five ways to use a self-toileting wheelchair.

What about the removal of clothing? 

One option would be to consider clothing designed for wheelchair users. Clothing is designed with ease of use in mind. Some options are here and here. Not interested in wheelchair-approved clothing? Don't worry. Many users have found wearing everyday items or looser-fit items such as sweatpants allows for easy use of a self-toileting wheelchair. Removing garments is as simple as rocking side-to-side motion and shifting bottoms towards the knees; simply use the same action to put clothing back on after toilet use. Sometimes assistance with clothing is still necessary or even welcome, and without transfer, it is still much safer for both parties.  

What about cleanup?  

Being able to gain independence as a wheelchair user is a significant step. However, we often hear concerns about sanitation. To help with cleaning up after toileting, consider a bidet installation on the toilet or an extended handle wiper. 

Bidet devices help keep private areas clean by splashing clean water across those regions. Long handle wiper is a tool that holds the toilet paper, while the user holds the handle that has a lever to discard the used toilet paper. 

What about keeping the wheelchair clean? 

In our testing and user's experience, using the Dignity® AllDay 400 is not any different from toileting normally. When or if chair cleanup is needed, use soap and water to get the job done. The seat is made from medical-grade vinyl and cleans up quickly when needed. We do recommend checking the wheelchair regularly to make sure it is clean. If required, the seat pads on the Dignity® AllDay 400 Wheelchair can be removed to clean. 

Reduce the transfers. 

A self toileting wheelchair can reduce or eliminate the need for someone to be present during toileting sessions. This is NOT a commode chair; it is an all-day, everyday wheelchair, even for trips to the bathroom. A lever, operated by the wheelchair user to lower the drop-seat, allows the user to reverse over the toilet and go normally.

Maintenance Is Important

Taking care of not only the occupant of the wheelchair but the wheelchair itself is essential. We highly recommend taking the time to read the manual to learn about all the functions and regular maintenance your wheelchair needs for optimum performance. Our wheelchair is not just for bathroom sessions. It is designed to be the users' primary wheelchair day in and out. For trips to the store, park or relatives, the Dignity® AllDay 400 is a robust, made-in-America wheelchair.

If you are searching for alternatives in wheelchair use, or want to keep loved ones in the home longer, consider the Dignity® AllDay 400 as your choice.