3 Ways to Stay Out of a Nursing Home

We have friends and family that may be coming across more challenges with their disability but want to avoid the nursing home stay. Yet, they still enjoy their home and the independence that comes along with it. So what can you do?

Below are 3 ways to stay out of the Nursing Home, keep your independence with safety in mind.

Creating a Wheelchair-Friendly Home.

Taking the time to eliminate obstacles in a home will help with staying in the home longer. We recommend building a ramp entrance option, widening hallways and doorways as well. Consider offsetting hinges on doors to help navigate through rooms. These modifications to the house can go a long way to keeping your independence and the independence of disabled occupants.

Consider a No-Transfer Wheelchair.

A wheelchair that allows for no transfers in the bathroom can significantly reduce injuries and heavy modifications to the home. This also allows the disabled occupant more security and independence. The Dignity AllDay 400 does just that. By providing a wheelchair designed for self toileting independence, helps to keep all members safe. Featuring an adjustable seat height that can securely accommodate a variety of toilet sizes along with a patented center-section drop seat, this is a great resource for all.

Consider the lighting.

Yes, you read that correctly. We don't often think about this as being an issue to address, but it is. For those that want to stay longer in their home, consider adjusting the lighting. Glare from countertops and other surfaces can cause issues with those in a wheelchair. Consider re-adjusting the lights to reduce glare or installing alternative lighting sources. 

These are just 3 ways to stay in your home longer. If you or someone you know needs a way to stay home longer and keep their independence, consider these options before considering a Nursing Home.


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