3 Ways a Self Toileting Wheelchair Can Help with Nursing Staff-Shortages

toileting wheelchairs help with nursing staff shortagesWe know times are tough in the economy, especially for employment. However, the need for good staffing is always a top priority. Nursing home patients need quality care, but staffing shortages can take a toll on current staff. Help reduce those hassles with the one area people need most; toileting independence. Below are three reasons you should consider a self toileting wheelchair in your care facilities. 

Reduction of Staffing Needs

We know lifts and equipment for toilet transfers can get expensive. With a self-toileting wheelchair, only one assistant will usually be needed to help the patient. This advanced technology gives the caretaker peace of mind, knowing they don't have to wait for another co-caretaker for assistance. This saves time and stress for both the caretaker and the patient.

Wait times are cut 

Our studies show it can take 45 minutes or more to get the patient ready to transfer to the toilet. This could be even longer with the reduction in staffing, making the incontinence in patients elevate. A self toileting wheelchair can reduce that time to around 10 minutes or less. The technology of a drop-down seat, and backing up to the toilet, and eliminates the need for transfers. Have you heard of the Dignity® AllDay 400? Consider it your next step to patient independence. 

Stop Toilet Transfers

With a chair like the Dignity® AllDay 400, there is no need for the patient to be transferred to the toilet. Majestic has designed the wheelchair to provide independence and ease for both the patient and caretaker. With a lever to drop and lift the seat, patients can toilet with ease without transfers. Simply back up the wheelchair over the toilet, and once finished, roll the wheelchair away and lift up the seat using the lever. 

If your institution is looking for updated equipment for your patients, consider the Dignity® AllDay 400. With the service you need and the freedom guaranteed.